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  • Rumor has it that Dan Simmons has met with writer/director Nicholas Meyer (The 7% Solution, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan) in Los Angeles to discuss adapting Dan’s Hemingway spy novel, THE CROOK FACTORY, into what is colloquially known as “a major motion picture.” Rumor also has it that producers interested in this project have approached actor George Clooney to star as the 42-year-old Ernest Hemingway.
  • Gossip in Hollywood is that the future and fate of HYPERION: THE MOVIE may depend on how well the movie The Aviator does in coming weeks. No one is willing to elaborate on why this may be the case.


         updated 12/7/04


  • Word on the street is that ex-PI Joe Kurtz doesn’t like being rubbed out the way Dan Simmons recently did when ending the Kurtz series of hardboiled novels. Kurtz has said something about venturing from his native Buffalo, NY, to find the author and “have a little talk with him.” Current rumor is that Dan Simmons has applied for entry into the Witness Protection Program.
  • The offices of Digital Domain – the mega-SFX company in L.A. – are said to be the site of a recent meeting between Dan and some of the officials of that company. Topic of conversation – the future of ILIUM and OLYMPOS as motion pictures. Digital Domain, long a giant in the special effects industry, is now branching out into producing their own major movies. The meeting was held in “the Whale” – an amazing structure designed by Frank Gehry which sits inside the main warehouse complex of offices – and which reminds many people of the hull of a ship flipped upside down and left open-ended. Or . . . of a whale.
  • Sightings of Dan speeding in a Seal-Gray Porsche Boxster are said to be greatly exaggerated.
  • Unofficial word from agent Michael Prevett (who recently moved from The Firm to help start the new agency called Relevant Entertainment) is that a contract has been finalized with famous director Casta Gavras (Z) for an option on CARRION COMFORT.
  • The decision on the content and title of the last book Dan owes to Harper Collins seems to be still up in the air. Current titles that are being considered include THYMES CROSSING and KING OF INFINITE SPACE – two quite different stories – but word is that Dan hasn’t made a choice of which tale to present to his editor, Jennifer Brehl, as the possible final novel in his current contract with Harper Collins EOS.
Dan and David Morrell
Dan and Stephen King


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