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HARD AS NAILS has its cake and eats it too

On November 1, 2003, Dan signed copies of his newest Joe Kurtz novel, HARD AS NAILS, at Denver’s popular Murder by the Book independent mystery bookstore. The signings at Murder by the Book are always relaxed and enjoyable, and the store goes so far as to have a local baker usually specializing in. . . ahem, “erotic eatables” -- bake a cake showing off the cover of the author’s book. HARD AS NAILS was quite good – soft and tasty.

For glimpses of other authors and other covers, visit the Murder by Book web site



Dan Simmons and Jules Verne meet Lance Storm at Mont Blanc

On December 6, 2003, Dan had the pleasure of signing copies of ILIUM and his other novels at the Mont Blanc pen boutique in the beautiful Cherry Creek shopping mall. The event was organized by Mont Blanc store manager Mark Davenport to promote their new fountain pen, the Jules Verne – retailing at $675.

“If any pen could be worth that, the Jules Verne is,” said Dan after the event. “Just holding it in your hand makes you want to write 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. In longhand. Preferably while sitting at a Louis XIVth antique table and staring out at deep-sea coral through an irising window set into the hull of the Nautilus.”

Books for the event were provided by the Tattered Cover bookstore, which is right across the street from the Cherry Creek mall.

Turn out was good at the unusual signing, and one high point was having the WWF wrestling champion Lance Evers, aka Lance Storm, show up to have some books signed. In spring 2003, Lance had Dan as his chosen author on his web site feature “Book Marks,” which amounts to an online book club for wrestling fans. Always an avid reader himself, Lance hopes that his “Book Marks” feature has promoted literacy and introduced new authors to his thousands of wrestling fans. There’s no doubt that the feature has been a huge hit with fans and their comments on the books make for fascinating reading.

Of the photo of the two of them, Dan commented – “I look like the later Bilbo Baggins standing next to Achilles.”

For more information about Lance (Evers) Storm, please visit StormWrestling.com and for information about the Jules Verne pen visit Montblanc.com.