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February 2004
Welcome to the Dan Simmons web site. Those of you who've visited us before will notice a new look and structure to the site – we’re trying to make the things faster to load for you and a bit more organized for both of us. There are new features – including news from France written by my translator and good friend Jean-Daniel Breque, more art, more movie news, more foreign coverage, and some other upcoming goodies.

We’ve kept the Forum that’s been so successful – thanks to you -- and on that page we’re adding some heretofore lost Epistemological Queries and Comments from Aenea – actual quotes from the prophet-messiah in the Hyperion novels – to give folks something to discuss and debate if they so wish. (This web site is the only place in the Milky Way Galaxy where you’ll find new comments from Aenea.)

I’ve also pledged to keep things updated more frequently and to share not only breaking news but even many of the rumors and insider tidbits that make publishing and the movie business so much fun.

You’ll see more drawings and other artwork from me and I may be asking your opinion on upcoming covers. You may also notice that we’re finally starting our online Dan Simmons Store in 2004 so that you can order out of print first editions from me – personalized however you want, including drawings if you so wish -- rare foreign editions, original artwork, and some other items I’m rather excited about. We’ll sell them until my little storage garage is empty.

I hope you enjoy the web site. I look forward to reading your comments in the Forum and answering more of your questions.

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