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Bram Stoker World Fantasy British Fantasy
Seiun-Sho SF Chronicle British SF
Prix Cosmos Japan Hugo British SF *
Locus Hugo Sturgeon
Readercon Serling Colorado
Nebula * Hugo * Int'l Horror Guild

* Finalist

           Novels and Collections
           Short Fiction

Novels and Collections      
Title Date Publisher Award(s)
Song of Kali 1985 Bluejay Books/Tor
Phases of Gravity 1989 Bantam Spectra  
Carrion Comfort 1989 Dark Harvest/Warner      
Hyperion 1989 Bantam Spectra        
The Fall of Hyperion 1990 Bantam Spectra           
Entropy's Bed at Midnight 1990 Lord John Press  
Prayers to Broken Stones 1990 Dark Harvest/Bantam Spectra
Summer of Night 1991 Putnam/Warner
The Hollow Man 1992 Bantam Spectra  
Children of the Night 1992 Putnam/Warner
Summer Sketches 1992 Lord John Press  
Lovedeath 1993 Warner  
Fires of Eden 1995 Putnam/Harper Prism
Endymion 1996 Bantam Spectra  
The Rise of Endymion 1997 Bantam Spectra   
The Crook Factory 1999 Avon
Darwin's Blade 2000 William Morrow & Co.  
Hardcase 2001 St. Martin's Press  
A Winter Haunting 2002 William Morrow & Co.  
Worlds Enough and Time 2002 Subterranean Press  
Hard Freeze 2002 St. Martin's Press/Minotaur  
Ilium 2003 Harper Collins EOS    
Hard As Nails 2003 St. Martin's Press/Minotaur  
Olympos 2005

Harper Collins EOS

Song of Kali: 20th Anniversary Edition 2005 Earthling Publication  
The Terror 2007 Little, Brown  
Drood 2009 Little, Brown  


Short Fiction      
Title Date Publisher Award(s)
"The River Styx Runs Upstream" 1982 Twilight Zone Magazine
"Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams" 1982
"Carrion Comfort" 1983 Omni  
"Remembering Siri" 1983 Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine  
"Vexed To Nightmare By a Rocking Cradle" 1985 Mile High Futures  
"E-Ticket to 'Namland" 1987 Omni  
"Two Minutes Forty Five Seconds" 1988 Omni  
"Metastasis" 1988 Night Visions 5  
"Vanni Fucci Is Alive and Well and Living In Hell" 1988 Night Visions 5  
"Iverson's Pits" 1988 Night Visions 5  
"Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites" 1989 Night Visions 5  
"Dying Is Easy, Comedy is Hard" 1990 The Further Adventures of The Joker - in collaboration with Edward Bryant  
"The Death of the Centaur" 1990 Prayers To Broken Stones  
"The Counselor" 1991 Obsessions  
"All Dracula's Children" 1991 The Ultimate Dracula
"My Private Memoirs of the Hoffer Stigmata Pandemic" 1991 Masques IV  
"This Year's Class Picture" 1992 Still Dead           
"Elm Haven, IL" 1992 Freak Show  
"One Small Step For Max" 1992 Omni Best Science Fiction #2  
"Death in Bangkok" 1993 Playboy
"Dying in Bangkok" 1993 Lovedeath
"Sleeping with Teeth Women" 1993    
"Flashback" 1993 Lovedeath  
"The Great Lover" 1993 Lovedeath  
"My Copsa Micas" 1994 The Earth Strikes Back  
"Looking For Kelly Dahl" 1995 Omni Online  
"Orphans of the Helix" 1999 Far Horizons
"The Ninth of Av" 2000 Destination: 3001  
"On K2 with Kanakaredes" 2002 Selected for both Robert Silverberg's and Gardner Dozois' "Best SF" of the year anthologies.  
"The Guiding Nose of Ulfänt Banderōz" 2009

Songs From the Dying Earth
Subterranean Press




Title Date Publisher
The Satyr 1960s Wabash College Press student newspaper
"Read This" 1989 New York Review of Science Fiction
"Determine Your Censorship Quotient" 1990 Gauntlet Magazine
"Banished Dreams" 1990 Roadkill Press
"Going After the Rubber Chicken: Three Guest of Honor Speeches" 1991 Roadkill Press
"Childhood's End" 1991  
"Summer Sketches" 1992 Lord John Press
"This Man Will Scare You, And He Should" 1992 Roadkill Press
"Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics of Poppy" 1993 Borderlands Press
"Introduction to Cujo" 1994 Plume
"Introduction to I Am Legend" 1995 Gauntlet Publications
"Jack Vance: Dragon Master" in JACK VANCE: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography 2000 The British Library
"Negative Spaces" 2000 Subterranean Press
"Madame Bovary C'est Moi" 2000 Nature
"Colorado Voices Columns in The Denver Post" 2001 The Denver Post

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