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Contributors' Gallery Page 5


This one-page comic strip was a gift from Dan's frequent
French-translator and friend Jean-Daniel Breque, a gifted
writer in his own right. Also, it seems, a good comic-book
artist. What makes this especially funny to Dan is that it illustrates mistakes -- well, idiocies, really -- that Dan not
only created but allowed into his American and British editions, only to be discovered by Jean-Daniel during the translation.
The "125-house powered speedboat" could be explained away as a typo, but "Gideon Knot!!!???" (Dan was trying for Gordian Knot, of course.) He must have been in a motel when he typed that.

Hello, I am Frederic Rollin, an amateur drawer, from France.
This is the portrait of Captain Montgomery in "Les fosses d'Iverson". This story would be wonderful in a "comix",
wouldn't it?

An English translation of the caption is: "Those who had
survived where bleeding on the grass or were crawling
to the Fornay House." My email for any comments frederic_496@hotmail.com


Gallery contributions from Gary -- a pencil and ink sketch of the Shrike, enhanced by adobe photodeluxe.
Submitted April 18, 2002

Kassad, a second pencil and ink sketch submitted by Gary , submitted in May, 2002.


And finally from Gary, SUMMER OF NIGHT where Mike O'Rourke witnesses the attack on father Cavanaugh by the ghoulish Doughboy, July, 2002.

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