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My name's Aenea (ehe, well... that's just my nickname!)
and I'm italian. One month ago more or less I made this
fractal inspired to the Hyperion's Tetralogy. It should
represent a picturesque and quaint farcaster, the same
used from Aenea, Raul, A.Bettik and so on into the story.
My piece of work is also available on aeneakeats.deviantart.com


Dan's recent comments about his now abandoned plans for a third novel in the Ilium/Olympos universe prompted this book cover of ODYSSIAD. Hopefully, Dan will make this book a reality someday soon.
Don Ketchek



After a long waiting, the CD-ROM 'The Art of Marco Patrito'
is finally on sale, featuring a cover realized for HYPERION !
The CD can be purchased at www.patrito.com .

Hi, I'm one of the italian illustrators who had the luck and honor to illustrate some of your novels, my favourite ever is Hyperion...I send you the covers I made for Illium and the invitation to visit my site at www.spazio.org/franco/splash.htm
and to send comments...
Have a nice day
Franco Brambilla

This painting is entitled "Troie" (="Ilium").
Thank you, mister Simmons, your stories are so marvellous !
Laurent Serfaty Nice, FRANCE



The attached image is dedicated to "Remembering Siri".
There will be more images in the future, maybe Father
Captain DeSoya next. There are so many ideas,
and not enough time. I invite you to visit www.zsolt.at under "Kreationen" -- you can find some older images by me there.
Thank you!
Zsolt Szakács
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