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If you'd like to e-mail your sketches, airbrush drawings, watercolors or whatever of scenes or characters from Simmons' stories and novels to this Gallery, we'll post them here.

You retain all copyright to your material.

Attach drawings to an e-mail and click here to submit your artwork. (note: the art email address has been restored. It was temporarily disabled due to spam overload.)

Contributors' Gallery

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Artwork by François BARANGER, www.francois-baranger.com
Left, an ILIUM illustration. Dan had this comment about the artwork:
“Man, that's a cool illustration.”                Right, a new version of Shrike.

Dan comments, "Most images of the Shrike are cool, cold, dark, metallic or chitinous -- this is a wonderfully 'hot' Shrike and I love seeing the multi-faceted 'fly's eyes' that I mentioned so often in prose descriptions." See more of Martina Pilcerova's art at www.martina.sk


This is a drawing I did last year, but never got around to sending, of Mahnmut and Orphu (done in Photoshop 6 and Corel Painter). Thanks,
Jamie MacDonald



My drawing relates to Mahnmut and Orphu's journey with the LGM in the novel Ilium. It’s called ‘Feluccas in Valles Marineris’.


Olivier Leboissetier



This montage depicts the setting for the prologue to Hyperion, specifically the scene as described in the first paragraph. (View Large Photo)
Thanks Mr. Simmons for an inspiring and exceptionally vivid work of fiction.
Chris Mancuso


"Here's a sketch I did of the Shrike when I read HYPERION a few years back- hope you like it! Dan's work is very visual, there's a lot for an artist to glom on to! You can see more of my work at www.chaztruog.com. "

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