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Those readers who've come to Dan's readings or appearances may have noticed him doodling quick cartoons or sketches for fans who request them in their books. Dan's a writer, not an artist, but his older brother Ted was a professional cartoonist and Dan grew up sketching, drawing, and water coloring.

He also started an outrageous cartoon strip -- "The Gross" -- for the college newspaper when he was a freshman at Wabash College in the 1960's. Having some art ability comes in handy when working with real artists such as Gary Ruddell while deciding on cover image ideas or layout designs.

Dan's Art

         Ilium sketch
         Windwalker drawing
         Carrion Comfort Art

This first rough sketch was part of an ongoing conversation with artist Gary Ruddell as the two of them discussed possible layouts for the cover of the upcoming ILIUM. The wall and frieze were Gary's concept.

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