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Summer of 1960
"Elm Haven" (Brimfield), Illinois

Dan's novel SUMMER OF NIGHT sold well in the United States and has been translated into more than a dozen languages. Readers in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere seem to have the same fascination with "Elm Haven, Illinois" circa 1960 as American readers do: a time of relative innocence for kids, long summer days, and an almost forgotten freedom when kids could jump on their bikes in the morning and return after dark without anyone worrying.


        Summer of 1960, "Elm Haven"
        Dan and his brother Wayne
        The Great Beaver War
        Locus Magazine Interview

SUMMER OF NIGHT was more about the "secrets and silences of childhood" than it was about monsters. Here are a few snapshots from that summer of 1960 in the "real" Elm Haven - Brimfield, Illinois - with a kid brother and some true friends who may (or may not) bear a close resemblance to some of the characters in SUMMER OF NIGHT.

Portrait of the artist as a young twerp. Young Dan staring off into the Midwestern distance and pensively (sullenly) into the camera, his cartoonist-brother's drawing board behind him.

Dan's younger brother Wayne (Lawrence Don't-Call-Me-Larry Stewart?),
Kevin (Kevin Grumbacher?), and Dan (Dale Stewart?)

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